Scottish Terriers and a little Sealy
CH. Slyfox Simply the One - "Una" AM CH Fanfare's Goodfellow
AM CH Farday Glenby's Royal Bentley AM CH Torset Touch of Class(UK)
AM CH Silvery-Moon's Devils Kiss(SWE)
AM CH White Sand's Manhatten Project AM CH Stonebroke Feather in my Cap
AM CH Stonebroke Final Feather
AM CH Slyfox City of Lights Farday Sensation O'Presence(NOR) Werwise's Brittanicus
CH Farday Copy Right
AM CH Seaberdale BlameitonRioSlyfox CD RN AM CH Farday Trace My Track(SWE)
AM CH Farday Alouette

Slyfox Simply the One

Joan Taggart & Laurie Prather

Pam Wilson & Joan Taggart


  • Whelped 01/5/10
  • Una is shown in Dallas at 6 months - going RWB at the NTTC show
  • Una gains a 3 point major 2 days later
  • Una and her sister go to Houston - Una gains another point and her sister gets 2!
  • Una and Sister go to 3 day show in Lubbock. Una gets 2 majors(7 points) and Sister gets 1 major(3 points) 9/27
  • Una and Sister Alice at Travis Co KC. Each get one more Point (10/31)
  • Una finishes in Dallas gaining her 4th Major!(12/10)

Una's first Major!
6 months old

Una in Lubbock

Una Secretly Photographed in Lubbock

Una as a New Champion

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