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Wilscot's Rustoleum

Pam Wilson & P Baker

Rusty,Sniper - Pam Wilson
Crystal - "Rick"

vWD "Clear" by Parentage


    • Crystal goes Best in All-Breed Match at the Corpus Christi KC show Aug '06
    • Crystal again goes Best in All-Breed Match at the San Antonio Breeder/Handler Association Sept '06
    • Crystal's first real show at Fun-Tier KC, from the Puppy Class receives a major! (10/06)
    • Crystal's receives her Second Major Second Day out at Travis County KC! (10/06)
    • Another 2 points gained in Mississippi!
    • A thrid major gained in Houston! One point away from Finishing!(02/07)
    • First time out, Rusty gains a 3 and 4 point Major at the KC shows from the 6-9 class! (08/06)
    • Rusty gains another 3 point major! (mid-October)
    • Another Single is gained 11/06
    • Rusty Finishes in Conroe with Another Major!(11/06)
    • Shown at the KC shows along with brother Rusty, from 6-9 Puppy Class
      Sniper, gets a single and a 3 point major going BOB on the last day. (08/06)
    • Sniper Gains a Second Major in Tulsa (10/06)
    • A Third Major is gained in Houston (11/06)
    • A Fourth Major is gained in Conroe (11/06)
    • Sniper Finishes in Mississippi (12/06)
    • Sniper First Time out as a Special gains a Group II (2/07)

Rusty's first Show, 4 pt Major
Sniper's first point
Sniper get a Major and goes BOB
Rusty's Third Major
Crystal's First Major!

Rick Paying off the Judge for
his Match win with Crystal

Sniper's 3rd Major

Sniper Out as a Special

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