Wilscot Scottish Terriers
~The Whelping Box~

Do you keep a list of people wanting pups?
ANS: No, not usually. I only keep a list of those people wanting show pups.
We don't have enough litters here to warrant keeping lists. I do however,
keep an email folder of those people who have contacted me for Pets
and I will refer to it when needed.

How much do your pups cost?
ANS: The price depends on the size of the litter and my expenses involved.
If it's a big litter, usually $1500+ each (and yes this is for a "pet" puppy)

Why is the price so high?
ANS: Let's start with some of my expenses: Stud service - $500-$800, Airfare for stud service $500,
Csection - $1000+, vitamins - $25, Puppy shots 3 x $25 per pup, any emergency service, etc....
and this doesn't even cover my time and loss of sleep.

Does your "Pet" price differ from your "Show" price?
ANS:No, the contracts differ. I expect more from you if you are going to show.
"Pets" come with a spay/neuter contract. A Show contract has LOTS more verbage and I expect you to abide by it.

Will you mentor me if I buy a "show potential"?
ANS: ABSOLUTELY! If you are here in the area I will work with you on grooming,
handling and show etiquette. If you live elsewhere in the US
I will find someone who will work with you.

Do you have any older pups/dogs? and how much are they?
ANS:Yes, I occasionally have older pups that did not work for show
or an older(6 yrs or more) dog that I want to find that
perfect retirement home.

Can I Buy a dog for breeding?
ANS:I do not sell dogs for breeding purposes unless you want to show the dog
and be mentored to the proper means of propogating these genetics.

If you don't have any puppies, will you help me find one?
ANS:If we don't have what you are looking for I'll refer you onto
someone else if I can. Please be prepared to travel for your pup.
There are not usually Scottie breeders in everyone's back yard!

I want a Black Bitch, can you help?
ANS: Wilscot on a VERY RARE occation will have black puppies. If you truely want Black
you should perhaps look somewhere else first. We are known more for
our vibrant Brindles.


Whelped February 24, 2013
by CH. Wilscot's Silver Phantom - "Bentley" and Wilscot's Grand Reserve - "Moet"

3 Red Brindle/Grizzle Boys, 1 Wheaten Boy and 2 Red Brindle/Grizzle Girls
6 days old

*** Sealyham ***
January, 2013 We are sorry to announce that had one Sealyham puppy
which did not survive. We will
try breeding our girl again later this year.

*** *** ***


Whelped Dec 3rd, 2010
by Sharpe Wilscot's Hard Licker - "Jack" and CH. Wilscot's Empress of the Sun - "Sniper"

6 girls - 3 days old

December 15th

Girls will be Girls!!!
1/1/11 - 4 weeks old


Girl 1,2,3                           Girl 4,5,6


Our Sealy playing with puppies

Show Potentials
"Sassy" - Wilscot's Bad to the Bone at Snobank
"Moet" - Wilscot's Grand Reserve
"Marti" - Wilscot's Heavenly Obsession

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