Scottish Terriers
                                        Eng. Ch.Wiljoy Wizardry
                             Ch. Balgownie Bulletin
                                            Balgownie Belle
                   Ch. ABH Dunedin Front Page
                                            Eng. Am. Ch. Kennelgarth Romeo
                             Dunedin Dimple
                                            Ch. Burnview Fantasy
               Ch. Wilscot's Renegade "Rogue"
                                        Ch. Schaeffers Redson
                             Brookhill Brindle Brat
                                            Ch. MacPooch Ms Michie
                          Ch.Tashmuit Altair (vWD tested "Clear")
                                             Ch. Perlor Playboy
                                      Criscot Corinna
                                             Criscot Constellation

INT'L & AM CH. Wilscot's Malstrom - "Mel"

             Ch. Sangreg's Editorial
                             Ch. Sangreg's Second Edition
                                            Ch. Braeburn's Topic of Sandgreg
              Ch.Hycourt's Take the Money 'N Run
                                            Ch. Sandgeg's Square Deal
                             Ch.Hycourt's Blush with Pride
                                            Ch. Glad-mac's Cracklin' Rosie
  Intl. & Am. Ch. Wilscots Simply Irrisistable - "Gabs"
                                                      Ch. Sandgreg's Square Deal
                             Ch. Hycourt's Robin of Glad-Mac
                                            Ch. Glad-Mac's Cracklin Rosie
              Hycourt's Pride and Prejudice
                                            Hycourt at First Blush
                             Hycourt's High Note
                                            Ch. MacCal's Top Notch Rodin

Int'l & AM CH.Wilscot's Malstrom

Pam Wilson

"Liz" & Pam

vWD "Clear" by Parentage

Group I


  • Mel is shown exclusively by his Owner
  • Mel's first Major was from the Puppy Class
  • Mel just recently (10/3) received a BOB from the Puppy Class
    and went on to get a Group I over Top Terrier Specials
    Group I Photo seen below.
  • Mel finished his AKC Championship at just 1 year old.
  • Multiple BOB Winner
  • Reserve Best in Show at International's January 2006
  • Father to 2 litters whelped in 2005 - he carries the wheaten gene!

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