First thanks so much for visiting my web-site. As you already know my name is Pam Wilson and I am proudly owned by the Wilscot Scottish Terrier pack.

I have had scotties since about 1982 - my first being a pet shop girl we names Sara. We had gotten Sara to befriend our young Cairn named Nissa. Sara, only lived to be 3 years old, having an enlarged heart, she suffered three heart attacks, which the third one was fatal. Her untimely death was devistating to my husband and I, but we admired so much her braveness and strength in personality that we had to have another scot. This time we would do it right and go to a breeder.

On to the breeder we went, a elderly woman who has over 25 years with the STCA. We were told she was respectable and she proved it by not only presenting us with a puppy at 12 weeks, but also a contract. Part of the contract was to at least attempt to show this puppy bitch that we named Tara, at least three times to see if she had potential. After after losing 3 times in the ring, I was hooked. Too bad I didn't know at the time, she had the potential, it was I that needed the help. So, on to find a mentor....

Our Cairn had passed on so we decided on another scottie. This time we talked to Ronnie Schaeffer would led us to Betty Cooper(Besscotts). We got our second show bitch. Misty finished in 4 shows thanks to Betty's help. From there, we bred Tara,then Misty and also gained a rescue. Thus is the beginnings of Wilscot Scottish Terriers.

I learned alot from many of the folks I met in New York(I used to live there). and the friends I gained in the Scottie world. I read lots of books and magazines about our breed and on grooming, handling and breeding. I would go to shows and just watch other scottie owners and handlers in the way the groomed and handled their dog. I have been actively showing now since about 1987. You can count on me being at a show in my area.

I am member of the STCA, STCofGr Houston, Houston All Terrier Club and a couple of English Kennel Clubs. I have taught others in grooming and handling. I love to talk about our breed, so if you ever call me be prepared for a large phone bill!

I am now an AKC Judge, and so far I judge Scotties, Westies, Norwich and Miniature Schnauzers. I also judge Juniors. I am hoping soon to apply for several more terrier breeds and some Toy breeds. You can find me in the AKC Judges directory if you are looking for a judge for your show.

I am also the proud owner of Sassy Scot - a web based company that offers Scottie and Westie Collectibles of every type! If you haven't heard of Sassy Scot - visit us at

Please take the time to understand our breed by checking out some other interesting sites like the Scottish Terrier on AKC's site, or the STCA's site. If you're looking just to chat or brag about your scot, join us on cyberscots. Come join us in Scottie-dom!

Pam Wilson
Wilscot Scottish Terriers

Wilscot's Kennel are loaded with goodies such as blankets, couches, color remote tv,dvd, magazines, fresh water
and lots of friends to share the fun! Wilscot prides itself in running ALL it's dogs together as one pack- whether males or females. Wilscot usually has on average about 9 dogs at one time. The Picture on the right is the kennel help handing out breakfast!

Wilscot Dogs on the Show Road!

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