Scottish Terriers
Sharpe Wilscot's Hard Licker(Wht) Am CH
Valentino Rizo Della Quattrocento(Wht)

VetGen Tested "Clear"
Charthill Pirate's Gold(Wht)
Am CH Jovial Eastman at Charthill ROM(Wht)

Charity Ruth of Charthill(Blk)

Cherry Ad Infinitum

Int/Pol CH Charles Craft Koncept

Kocia Ad Infinitum

Such A Souvenir Terra Alite(Blk) Multi CH Arabella Beethoven Int/Ger/Aus CH Lucia's Dream Sundance Kid

Ger CH Arabella's Tallyho

Pol JrCH Clarum Et Venerabile
Homen Terra Alite
Pol CH Plastic Plane Tymerose

Pol CH Jaga Pustyynna Burza

AM CH Brookhills Sandgreg's Crusader
AM CH Jovial's Heart of Gold McVan

AM/INT/Arg/Chi/Par CH Charthill Jazz King ROMX
Savannah Wingo

Fin/Pol CH Raijaj Who's Zoomin Who

Fin/Pol CH Raijaj Who's Zoomin Who
Pol CH Rolka Terr Mek

Int CH Stalwart's Radiant Seraphim
Int/Neth CH Lucia's Dream Sun-Bonet

Ger CH Arabella's Paulchen
Ger/Lux CH Arabella's Que Sera

Int CH Ship Andy of Gaywyn
Eng CH Lomondview Sweet Cream

Egon Breneka
Pol CH Basta od Jastryzebiego Pazura

Sharpe Wilscot's Hard Licker

D Everette

Pam Wilson

VetGen - vWD Clear


  • First Weekend Out - BOW for 1 point 4/08
  • Houston Specialty Weekend, Jack goes RWD on one day,
    then BOB over the Specials for a 5 Point Major

First Point
7 Months Old
5 Point Major
12 Months and 2 days Old
BOB over Specials

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