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Ch. Wilscot's Fire 'N Ice

Pam Wilson

"Daegen" - Pam Wilson
"Mara" - Pam Wilson & "Liz"
"Ghanni" - Pam Wilson & "Rick"

vWD "Clear" by Parentage


  • Daegen & Ghanni will be coming out in Summer 2005
  • Daegen's First Weekend received 2 points (8/05)
  • Ghanni's First Weekend receives 3 point major (8/05)
  • Daegen goes to Montgomery County and wins the 6-9 Class (10/05)
  • Daegen goes to local Travis County KC show and picks up 2 more points (10/05)
  • Ghanni picks up her first point in San Marcos (2/06)
  • Daegen picks up 2 more points at Brazoria KC (Ghanni goes Reserve!)(2/06)
  • Winner's Bitch and BOSSweeps at 2006 Dallas Specialty (4 Pt Major)
  • Mara gains her first points in Beeville (4/06) (4 pts) WB/BOS
  • Mara places in the 12-18 Class at the STCA National Rotating (5/06)
  • Ghanni picks 2 more points first day of the San Antonio circuit (7/06)
  • Daegen gains her AKC Championship at the San Antonio circuit (7/06)
  • Ghanni gains her majors during Monty Weekend in Arkansas (10/06)
  • Ghanni finishes mid-October! (10/06)

Mara, Ghanni and Daegen at 4.5 months old
Ghanni's first major at 7 months old
Mara's First Points (04/06)
Daegen winning the 6-9 Class at
STCA Nationals, Montgomery County KC, PA 2005
Daegen winning Winners Bitch
Dallas STC Specialty 3/2006
Daegen winning BOSSweeps
Dallas STC 3/2006
Ghanni's First Major! (10/06)
Ghanni as a New Champion!(10/06)

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