Scottish Terriers

                                      Eng. Ch. Noonsun Sorcerer
                       Eng. Ch. Wiljoy Wizardry
                                      Eng. Ch. Wiljoy Serenade
        Ch. Balgownie Bulletin
                                      Eng.Am.Ch.Killisport Rox at Scarista
                       Wiljoy Rock Star of Terabrin
                                      Wiljoy Solitaire
       Ch. Wilscot's Warrior King("Conan")

                                      Ch. Schaeffers Redson
                       Brookhill Brindle Brat
                                      Ch. MacPooch Ms Michie
        Ch.Tashmuit Altair
                                      Ch. Perlor Playboy
                       Criscot Corinna
                                      Criscot Constellation

Ch.Wilscot's Warrior King

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson


  • Conan has been BOB from the puppy class
  • Conan was BOS Heart of America '97 Sweeps and RWD at their Specialty
  • Conan is always owner conditioned and handled
  • Conan is VetGen tested vWD "Clear"
  • Group placer
  • Ranked #4 in Breed Standing thru 3/99

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