Scotties of a different color....
I am writing this because I have had many, many people come to me looking for
that elusive "black bitch". I want to explain and show people that even though
black is beautiful, so are the black and red brindles.

First, the predominent color in Scotties is "brindle", and Wilscot produces
mostly Red-Brindles with a smattering of black and black-brindles. We have "bought"
into a wheaten line, but we won't be producing any wheatens for a couple of years
until the recessive gene is passed onto some of Gabby's pups.

When you, as a potential new scottie owner, call looking for a "black female",
I must tell you that any black bitches produced by many breeders, are going to
be seriously considered for the show ring. This doesn't mean all black bitches are
show quality, it just means you have to wait longer for us to let the girl grow up
and make a decision. Many of the judges in the show ring still "see" only black,
and we as the breeder/handlers, understand this postition. Even though the AKC
standard does say "Black, Wheaten or Brindle of any color...", some judges just
prefer black. This is an educational item on our part.

Anyways - the purpose of this little blurb, is to show you that red and black
brindles are just as beautiful AND are more available than the "elusive black bitch".
Anyone who come to see my pups with black in mind, has always walked away happy
with a brindle. Remember, color is only hair deep.....


Can you pick which pup(s) are black??

None of these pups are black!

Last Updated on 3/3/13

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