Scottish Terriers

                                      Sw. Ch. Gawyn Venturesome
                       Sw. Ch. So What Thawn
                                      Sw. Ch. Cameron PlayMistyForMe
        Sw. Nor. Am. Ch. So What Moriarity
                                      Aus.Am.Ch. Sangreg's Karate Kid
                       Sw. Aust. Nor. Ch. MacPrain Miranda
                                      NZ Ch. Killisport Nutmeg
       Ch. Wilscot's Park Avenue Girl("Christina")
       Ch. Ynotscot's Panama Red("Studley")

                                      Eng. Ch. Wiljoy Serenade
                       Ch. Balgownie Bulletin
                                      Eng.Am.Ch. Killisport Rox at Scarista
        Wilscot's Highland Huntress("Xena")
                                      Brookhill Brindle
                       Ch. Tashmiut Altair("Ali")
                                      Criscot Corinna

Wilscot's Park Avenue Girl

Nadine Hahne & Pamela Wilson

"Christina": Owner/Handler/Conditioner:
Pamela Wilson
Nadine Hahne & Pamela Wilson


  • Christina will be shown in 2001.
  • Christina is half ways to her Am. Championship by 3/01
  • WB,BOW,BOB over Specials from Judge G. Doerge.
    Then onto a Group 2 from Judge Steve Shaw
  • Christina gains her first major from touch competition in Memphis 4/01.
  • Christina needs 1 major to finish...
  • Studley came to Texas 7/11 with 4 points and Finished within 2 weekends.
  • Studley gained back to back majors during the tough Houston circuit and Finishes.
  • Christina gains her last major (4 pts) at the Ft. Bend KC, she is the second of her litter to finish in 2001.
  • Christina now lives with my Mother as one very spoiled Scottie!

Christina at 4.5 mo. old

Christina awarded Group 2 in Houston

Studley at River City

Studley Completing his Championship
at the tough AstroShow circuit.

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