Scottish Terriers

                      Ch. McVan's Going To Extremes
                                      Ch. Neidfyre Vitta Rouge ("Red")

                      Neidfyre Something Special
                     Nat'l & Am. Ch. Wilscot's Mac Cailein Mor ("Colin")               

   Ch. Balgownie Bulletin
                                      Ch. Weeknowe Wilscot's Isis ("Ice")

   Ch.Wilscot's Queen of Sheba
         Ch. Wilscot's Malstrom - "Mel"

                Ch. Balgownie Bulletin
Ch. ABH Dunedin Front Page
                Dunedin Dimple
                        Wilscot's Heavenly Body "Carmen"

                Brookhill Brindle Brat
Ch.Tashmuit Altair (vWD tested "Clear")
                Criscot Corinna

Wilscot's Preference - "Ashley"
Wilscot's Bit 'O Butterscotch - "Duncan"
(whelped 8/29/05)

                      Ch. Bardon Stage Struck
                                      Ch. Keipat's Matchlite

                      Keipats Firestarter
                     Ch Keipats Rockyroad               

   Ch. Keipats WilltoWin
                                      Keipats Joyful Noise

   Keipats Fantasia
         Wilscot's Red Sonia

                Ch. Bardon On Stage
Ch. Bardon Stage Struck
                Bardon Primrose
                        Keipats Harryette

                Keipats Broadway Bound
Keipats Ruby Tuesday
                Keipats Tinsel Tara

Wilscot's Preference

Pam Wilson

"Ashley" - Liz J & Pam Wilson
"Duncan" - "Deborah" & Pam Wilson


  • Ashley will be "Coming out" Spring 2007

Ashley at the 2007 STCA Rotating in Dallas    

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